Brave new World or the era of Consulting

You might be asking yourself: “Why do I need consulting?”

Automation and informatization are changing the landscape of the desirable skills and knowledge at a rapid speed. If you want to stay in the race as a company, a worker or the owner, you have adapt and you have to adapt quick – because the others are adapting quick.

You don’t have time, the changes are really blitzing. In 1955 an average life time of a Fortune 500 company was 75 years. In 2015 it was only 15 years. Huge companies like Blockbuster and MySpace have failed simply because they did not or could not change fast enough.

Case: In the year 2000 Blockbuster was worth about $5 billion. Netflix owners – then a startup – asked for $50 million for their platform. But Blockbuster turned them down as they thought that Netflix was just a small niche product. They did not see the change in user demands coming. In 2011 Blockbuster went bankrupt and Netflix value today is about $30 billion. (Read the Blockbuster/Netflix story.)

Future predictions

According to World Economic forum by year 2020 the most important personal skills will be Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity (see the report). Artificial intelligence and robots will claim more or less all of the manual and repetitive jobs. Most experts believe that 40% of current jobs will disappear in the next ten or twenty years. The worker skill landscape will change every year. You – as a professional or a business owner – can not gather all the knowledge or skills you need for your work any more. You will need the help of professionals from the fields connecting to your profession – and that is consulting.

Why you need consulting more than ever

Consulting allows you to hire professionals only for the taks they are needed. You don’t have to employ the person that has certain skill if your needs for that skill are only a few hours per month. Consultant will do their job faster, better and cheaper than your unskilled worker can – even if they might excel on their professional turf.

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Our Workshops and Consulting Services

We are specialized for the problem solving and creative services. Should you need to increase your efficiency in dealing with problems, trying to prevent them or coming up with the ideas we can help you. All of our workshops are based on learning with games – edutainment.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving with the basics of Crisis Management

This workshop is based on the scientific methods of problem solving and critical thinking. It gives you tools to objectively analyse the problem, find the solutions and calculate the most effective one. We will also look at the problem ecosystem and see what is affecting our thinking and why solutions are sometimes creating even a bigger problem that we started with.

Techniques of Creativity with the focus on product development

Creativity is not a talent but a skill, so everyone can learn it. In the words of Edward de Bono, creativity is “finding solutions before the problem emerges”. Creativity is fast growing in demand for the middle and high level workers as in times when machines can do the work, workers need to think and be creative.

Game Theory for Managers

Game theory is mathematical branch dealing with strategy analysis finding best possible strategy for various scenarios in a given situation. Your action is based on the predicted actions (or reactions) of the other participants in the situation. Understanding game theory is crucial in decision making and negotiations. As such it should be one of the basic tools of every middle and high manager.

Idea Creation and Idea Management

Ideas is crucial in times when technology is racing ahead and opportunities are hiding in the plane sights everywhere. But still they are worthless and there are more than can possibly even analyse what even execute. So how do we generate good ideas and do we organize and prioritize them? Idea management is a fairly new business practice but can become your market advantage, specially if you are in the cutting edge or saturated markets where every little bit can make a difference between a failure and success.

Digital Competency for Laborers

While many of us accept internet almost as a part of nature, many people are stil not familiar with it. This is particularly true for citizens of developing countries with lower education. In today’s world of economic migration many of those seek work in the developed countries and don’t know how to use modern informational infrastructure to communicate with their families, use internet for entertainment, perform electronic banking and other on-line services. In this course we will help them learn or improve their knowledge of digital world we live in.