By Alfred V. | May 6, 2019

Firefighters – unsung heroes is ready to start pre-kickstarer activities, however, we are still improving the game. We are making final testing, fixing minor issues and gathering a Kickstarter team.

This post is dedicated to our pre-kickstarter activities and general presentation of the game types. Read more about the game here.

If you don’t know Kickstarter and want to learn more, check it here.

Game is in the final stages of development. Some illustrations are still missing, but the general feeling of the game is already showing well. Gameplay is mostly finished, though we will be fine tuning it until the game is published.

Firefighters – unsung heroes have two versions:

  • family game and
  • hobby or Kickstarter game.
Game scene with fire and injured citizens

Firefighters – Family game

Family game (basic game in Kickstarter edition) includes only basic elements of the game, because we try to keep it simple enough for family game evening. These are:

  • Arsonist path and actions (arsons),
  • fire mechanics including realistic fire spread,
  • Citizens / victims and evidence,
  • three Unique buildings
  • and extra equipment for the Characters.
Characters have their full functionality in the family game and can use extra equipment.

Firefighters – Kickstarter game

Kickstarter game has much more depth and versatility, including events, improvements, law enforcement and of course – extra maps and characters.

Events come with a completely new mechnics, offering new levels of depth and versatility.