Our board games are our works we are most proud of – though here we showcase all of game genres we have developed. While we have made about 400 webpages and more than fifty online games most of them are gone by now. Like they never existed. But this games are the jewels we can show at any time and will be around for many more years. Not just that they endure, but they are also awesome looking and fun to play. (This are only the highlights of our games.)

Tabletop Games

Tabletop games and other products are my true passion. This are board and card games and other tabletop products like puzzles, collections etc.

Firefighters: The Unsung Heroes

Type: cooperative hobby/family firefighting game.
Players: 1 – 4 (or more)
Duration: 60 – 90 minutes.
Lear more about the game (click here).

There is an arsonist in our town. We – the firefighters – must team up to rescue the injured people, extinguish the fires and gather the evidence to capture the villain.

Firefighters – coming soon to Kickstarer

Walk To Jesus

Type: Christian motivation/education family game.
Players: 2 – 4
Duration: 30 – 45 minutes.
Lear more about the game (click here).

Players have to reach Jesus in the central field of the board. But on their path are fields of good and bad concepts from the Christian religion that help or hinder them. But to enter Heaven youhave to help your competitors.

Walk to Jesus, Christian Motivation Family Game, by Alfred V.

Talking Angela: Shopping

Type: Fast family game of economics and luck.
Players: 2 – 4
Duration: 15 – 20 minutes.
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Each player is one of the Talking Tom & Friends* characters, buying various products in the shops of the city. Each player has favourite products that give them more points.

*Talking Tom & Friends is a trademark of Outfit7 Ltd. Alfred Vesligaj’s authored games were used and he had developed all nine tabletop products for the brand.

Talking Angela: Shopping. Original game by Alfred V.

Talking Tom: IQ and 27: Five Elements

Type: Fast card game with a simple mechanic.
Players: 2 – 6; Five Elements includes also a 1 player game rules
Duration: 5 – 10 minutes.
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This two products are based on a same game by Alfred Vesligaj, called “27”. While the game is very simple in it’s core, advanced players can turn it into a deep bluffing/sniping game.

*Talking Tom & Friends is a trademark of Outfit7 Ltd. Alfred Vesligaj’s authored games were used and he had developed all nine tabletop products for the brand.

Talking Tom: IQ. A fast card game by Alfred V.

Mobile Games

New York Mafia (2015)

We started developing this game with my IT students from the San Jose Recoletos University in Cebu, Philippines. Download it from Play Store (click here).

New York Mafia is a simple 2D retro tapper. You have to settle your score with the Mafia. Tap them to shoot, but watch out as there are also bystanders. Game comes with four different play modes:

  • Freeplay – jump into the action with the best weapons and blast them all off. Game is over when the time runs out.
  • Last stand – start with basic weapons and upgrade them as you collect dropped dollars. Game ends when you go down.
  • Arcade – build your character and arsenal between the random missions that come always harder.
  • Story (not included) – follow the story of the young guy who wants to get into the Mafia to find out who killed his father and got him into an orphanage.
New York Mafia by Alfred V. Android retro 2D tapper-shooter.

Online Games

We have created many online games, mostly educational, awareness building and marketing games, but now most of them are not active any more. The most successful was our system that allowed customers to edit their own games and embed them into their websites. We have had many prominent customers like Avon Cosmetics, Slovenian Consumer Association, Slovenian Karitas and many others. (This system is not supported any more.) was a user generated content educational and promotional games system

Awareness building games

We have developed many awareness building games, but two of the most successful were AIDS zaznamuje Afriko (AIDS marks Africa) for Slovenian Karitas (Slovenska Karitas) and Koruptris for CNVOS.

Play AIDS zaznamuje Afriko (in Slovenian language) – click here.

AIDS marks Africa – AIDS awareness building game for Slovenska Karitas.

Play Koruptris (Tetris with corrupt pieces) – click here.